8 /12 & 9/12 – Friends, Cards, Cards and Pinoso

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We met up with Gerry and Trisha on Friday night for a drink in the White Rose, had a really good evening although Liesl is clearly still suffering from the dinner dance episode as she was on coke all night – poor thing! I did mistakenly buy her a glass of red wine when we arrived, more from habit than by mistake really and by the end of the evening it was still not fully drunk – now for those of you that know Liesl, you will also know that this is NOT NORMAL!

We spent pretty much all morning printing and sticking “hand made by Liesl Cavender” stickers to the cards that Liesl had been fevering away making over the past days and weeks to build her stocks up in preparation for the Sunday craft market, I also made a new email address of cards@cavender.co.uk that we added to the stickers incase anyone wanted to email special requirement cards into her.

We photographed all the different styles of card (over 70 in total) for future reference, or for a web site at some point in the future (wonder who will be making that?), stuck the “hand made” labels on the back, put each card, together with envelope, into a little plastic bag and stuck the price on – they ranged from 1.50 euro’s up to 2.50 euros’s per card, pretty cheap when you consider the cost of cards in the shops!

Liesl even had a little sign written out telling the punters that the cards were left blank so that they could put their own message inside – las tarjetas no están escritas puedes completar con tus propias palabras.

In the afternoon we took a drive up and around the Pinoso area, about 40 minutes inland, west of Alicante and to the north of Murcia to have a drive around and look at estate agents details to see what we might be able to buy. Ideally we were looking for a small farmhouse with at least 3 bedrooms and some land in an area that was close to civilisation and not too isolated. We drove through some stunning countryside with fabulous views but didn’t get to see too many estate agents details as we were there at siesta time (between 1 and 5) and everywhere was closed, it was well worth the trip though and I took some web site addresses away to have a look at later on.

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