Wild Mulberries!

May 2, 2011 | Comments Off on Wild Mulberries! | Blog

Today we walked along the river bank just beside our house in search of wild mulberries that we had seen yesterday, we found three trees full of them!

We picked about half a carrier bag full and brought them back home, straight on the Internet to find out what you can make with free fruit!

Liesl cleaned and weighed them – 1.5 Kg – now bad for 15 minutes picking, there were plenty that we couldn’t reach and also plenty that we didn’t pick as they weren’t ripe, we hope to go back every other weekend and get more.  The Internet has given us recipes for mulberry crumble and mulberry jam so we are off to the shops now (if they are still open on a bank holiday Monday) to get some ingredients to see what we can make.

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