Bye Tom…

Tom in sink 16th March 2012

This evening Liesl and I made the decision to put Tom to sleep. It was a really hard decision and some might say that we should have done it months ago after he didn’t respond as well as we hoped to the treatment after he was shot. We gave him over a year, but in reality his mobility and quality of life never really improved more than it did a few months after the shooting last January – Tom was missing for almost a week and returned to us unable to move his back legs, he literally dragged himself home just after New Year 2013. You can read the full story of our start to 2013 here, with an update here.

We did all we could to help him recover and he did manage to walk quite well but never again jumped and was always doubly incontinent. He was always a very active cat and spent most of the time outside terrorising the small creatures in his area; for him not to be able to be as active as he always was is very hard to see.

He will be missed and although its hard and upsetting to do, I am certain that we are doing the right thing both for us and for him – he has no quality of life compared to that which he had before. Bye little boy 🙂

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