4/2 – House Hunting…

February 4, 2007 | No comments | Blog
Today we decided to take a trip out to the area about an hours drive from our apartment, we visited a number of towns, Villena, Bair, Elda and Monovar and looked both at the towns and the area’s around them for property. We had previously seen some properties on the Internet in these area’s and they seemed to match what we are looking for which is a property with plenty of land but with the opportunity to develop it into either a guest house or have a self contained guest accommodation (so that we can try to get an income from it), the other key factor is that it has to be within our budget of around 100,000 Euro’s.

We had seen a place on the Internet that looked ideal, a 3 bedroomed, detached country house in 50 acres of land (yes, 50 acres!!!), it needed quite a bit of work done, but it didn’t look anywhere near what you would call derelict. It had 2 floors and the top one was just an attic at the moment (so it could be make into additional rooms), it had no mains water or electricity but did have a natural well and after researching on the Internet, a non-mains based solar and generator system can be installed without too much hassle or cost.

Anyway, we decided to drive out to the area to see what it was like as we were not due to visit the house for an inspection trip until the end of next week. The area was really nice (as you can see from the photos, which incidentally, don’t do it any justice!)

We decided to look further into the area and come back to visit some houses next week, we then drove back to the apartment to get ready for the Spanish speaking evening that we had arranged in a local bar – hope its not too much of an ordeal – watch this space!

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