4/12 – Business Nearly Setup!

December 4, 2006 | No comments | Blog

Emailed a local popular magazine today to ask them about advertising and we got onto the subject of computing, their editor said that he was looking for someone to write a computing column for them on a monthly basis (advantage would be that BlueMoon would receive a 50% discount on any advertisments!), so I have arranged to meet with him tomorrow to discuss what he is looking for – you never know!

Also went to the solicitor again today, everything is on track (well as much as it ever is in Spain!)
All the paperwork is signed, I should have a temporary CIF number by this time next week – then, and only then can I start working (doing anything before means a large fine!)

Every company in Spain has a CIF number (unique number) assigned to them, without this number you can’t even blow your nose! I tried to register a domain name and buy some stock from an online computer store, and I couldn’t do either of these things because I don’t have a CIF number!

After I receive the number I can start to advertise, work, pay social security payments (and therefore receive medical benefits etc), receive a state pension, pretty much everything is based around this number.

When we arrived back at the urbanisation the Christmas lights had been turned on in the urbanisation – over the past 2 weeks the gardeners have been winding rope lights around the large palm trees in the gardens of the urbanisation, they look really nice, but quite strange to see Christmas lights in such a tropical setting.

We went home and celebrated with a pizza (yes I ate my first pizza over the weekend – what next paella – not sure about that!)

Trisha (one half of the couple that we met at the “newcomers club”) rang for Liesl this evening to give her the details of a table top sale she had seen advertised in Gran Alacant so Liesl is going to book us in so that we can sell some of our wares and hopefully lots of her cards!

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