25/2 – Amigo’s, Vino y Naranjas (Friends, Wine & Oranges)

February 28, 2007 | No comments | Blog
Had a busy weekend just past, on Friday evening our friends Dave & Pam (the ones that we bumped into at the San Miguel market) came round for a meal, Liesl cooked her ‘famous’ Spanish chicken, vegetables and spicy potatoes and Pam and I made the desert, baked Alaska – yummy!

We had a great time; Pam and Dave are fantastic company it was nice to hear what they had been up to. The told us that they had decided to try to live to a budget this week, however they had blown it by Wednesday! Sounds familiar, its far too easy to eat out here! They have kindly invited us to go to their place later on in March for the weekend so that we can all go out walking and exploring – we are both really looking forward to it, although Pam and Dave may regret inviting us for that long – hehe.

On Saturday morning we went to visit Heather and Ken, I had a surprise planned for the afternoon, I had arranged with a local acquaintance for permission to come to his house to pick oranges, he has around 200 trees and they are bowing with the weight of oranges on them, he cant give them away and was happy to offer for us to take whatever we wanted, we were there for less than 15 minutes when we had already picked 5 carrier bags of oranges (at least 25 kilo’s!), we thanked him and left, I cannot tell you how many oranges we must have eaten that afternoon, but needless to say our insides were probably very orange by the end of the day – they were the most delicious oranges I have ever had the pleasure to eat!

On Saturday evening we were invited to go out by Heather and Ken to a local bar where they were meeting some Irish people that they had met in the local ‘ferreteria’ (hardware store), I don’t know, what are they like, picking people up in the local hardware store! Anyway, we had a great evening and, as usual, had far too much to drink. We ended up sitting outside the bar as the music was a little too loud for us (getting old!), and although it was by no means warm, I found it to be quite nice sitting outside – although I may have been in the minority as Ken was shivering!

On Sunday we had a lazy day with Heather and Ken, sunbathing on their terrace, the temperature hit 40 degrees in the sun and in the evening Liesl and I visited the Sunset bar to attempt to abuse some of the local Spanish with our version of their language, fortunately (for them) there were only English in the bar – we had a great night anyway.

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