20/12 – RAIN!

December 20, 2006 | No comments | Blog

Busy day today, the carpenter had spent the last 2 days fitting some much needed cupboard space to our hall and terrace, we can now pack away all of my tools, Liesl’s card making paraphernalia and the excess amount of towels that we bought when we were renting the place out.

Its good to get the stuff packed away and out of sight, but because the carpenter took 2 days to do the job (he quoted for 1 day) I am now a long way behind on the arm long list that Liesl left for me!

Just finished cleaning the windows, which is no mean feat! For those of you that don’t know our apartment, it has 70’s style aluminium double glazed units that slot in and out of the runners that form the window sills. Some of the panes can be lifted out, but it takes great care as they are very large (the terrace ones measure about 5ft x 2.5ft), so trying to man handle these heavy panes out of their runners without dropping them the 4 stories down is quite an art – needless to say no one was killed that day by falling glass!

I also went to Guadamar to collect the rubber stamp that Liesl had ordered from a book shop for her card making. The owner, not surprisingly, didn’t remember me so I had a great time of trying to explain who I was, why I was in her shop and what I wanted, all in Spanish with many charades like hand movements!

After Guadamar, I drove down to Torrevieja to get some electrical manuals guarantee stamped for Gerry and Trisha, however as the customer service señora explained to me after I had driven the 35km to the shop, the manuals cannot be stamped until 30 days after you have tested the goods as, until that time is up Spanish law says that the goods can simply be returned for a refund – great trip – then it started to rain just to top it off!

I am going out tonight to the Jungle Drums Christmas party in Santa Pola, I wonder what will be on the menu – scary!

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