14/1 – It’s not a small world, it’s a TINY one!

January 16, 2007 | No comments | Blog

After a great night at Raffles we met up with Heather and Ken as they promised to take us to the Sunday market in the lemon groves. When we arrived at their house they asked whether we would prefer to go to the market at San Miguel – given that we had never been there before, and the fact that it sounded like a drink, we said yes!

It was a huge market, and quite different from the other markets we had been to, just as we walked in, I bumped into one of my customers, Jon from McCormick Properties, so we had a quick chat.

We walked further on in the market and looked at a few stalls; Ken was interested in getting some quotes for a piece of metal work that he wanted doing at his house. Whilst continuing to stroll through the market we bumped, literally, into Pam and Dave – they are the people that we originally bought our house in Irthlingborough from (5 Holbush Way), amazingly they had also moved to Spain around the same time as we had.

It was incredible to think that we had lost touch with this couple just after we bought their house (our last house in the UK) six years ago and the next time that we saw them was in a market in the Costa Blanca in Spain!

We exchanged contact details and have promised to meet up so that we can catch up properly.

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