13/5 – Orchards and BBQ’s

May 17, 2007 | 1 comment | Blog
This afternoon we went over to Liesl’s mums to water the ‘orchard’, Heather, I have added pictures to prove that Liesl has been carrying out her daughterly duties!

I, on the other hand, carried out the very masculine task of breaking up a palet for Ken (one he hadnt had the chance to do while he was in Spain – and in a fit of too much testostorone I managed to tear a huge gaping hole in my wrist, although Liesl reliably informs me that its just a scratch and that I will survive!

Ken, pictures also attached as evidence (the wood, not my wound!

Whilst there we aired the house and made sure that the patio chairs still worked – by sitting on them for an hour on the terrace, its important to make sure these things work – hehe.

After all the hard work we felt fully justified in playing around in Paul and Jackie’s pool just before the BBQ, while the dogs watched on – the tempreture of the water was 28 degrees celcius – and the water isn’t heated!

We had a fantastic BBQ with them, I even found some time to fix his PC.

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  • Alan Briscoe says:

    Hope you can claim for compensation for you injury.

    Reply May 18, 2007 10:02 am

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