1/2 – “Here Comes the Sun, do do do do!”

February 1, 2007 | No comments | Blog

Last night we had the storm to end all storms!
As you can see from the photo of the sky the storm was coming in from the sea directly towards our little apartment, we had lightning, thunder and lots and lots of rain!
There is something remarkably beautiful about watching an electrical storm out at sea; watching the lightning arc from the black clouds down to touch the sea and then disperse into the waves is really magical.
The storm seemed to do the trick at marking the end of the poor weather that we have been experiencing recently, oh and I must thank all of those of you that I have spoken to on the phone over the past few days, your support and sympathy for our recent bad weather was touching – NOT! 😉
Anyway, today I am sure you will be happy to know that the weather is glorious again and the temperature at the front of our apartment, in the little sun trap that we have, is 39 degrees.

I have taken another photo, of the same area that the storm came from so that you can see the difference.
We have quite a few things to do over the coming days, tonight we are going to the “international club”, not quite sure what to expect, we think that it may be full of English people, but it will give us the change to socialise and perhaps pick up a few business contacts, tomorrow we are going to Pam and Dave’s house for the evening and dinner (remember they are the people that we bumped into at the San Miguel market a couple of weeks ago).

This evening we went for the first time to the “international club”, its a social club for non-Spanish people, not really what we are into but its an opportunity to meet new people so we thought we would go – we really had a good time!

We had a meal (with wine), a quiz and great conversataion for only 10 euros each – not bad for a night out!

Over the weekend we will drive out to another new area and look at properties, we also have a date at a local bar with some Spanish people that want to learn English, we have agreed to speak for an hour in Spanish and an hour in English – lol, who know what will happen (that is on Sunday) – will keep you posted.

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