10/4 – Medieval Fair

April 11, 2007 | No comments | Blog

Out local town – Santa Pola – had a Medieval Fair on over the Easter holiday (Santa Semana in Spanish!) so we decided to take a look.

The stall holders had clearly gone to a lot of trouble to make their stalls look medieval, they even took to dressing up in old attire, Liesl and I couldn’t figure out whether they travelled around Spain holding these type of markets all the time (and therefore styled their stalls that way) or whether they had gone to special effort for this time of year, as you know Spain is a very religious country and it wouldn’t surprise us if they had these ‘special’ stalls stacked away just for this one weekend of the year!

Either way they were very impressive.

In typical Spanish style they made sure that the children were well catered for, with free amusements in the park area, they could learn to use a bow and arrows, play medieval games or just use the swings etc that had been setup to look Medieval.

Whilst wandering around the market we spotted a woman dressed up in a witches outfit, we watched her for a while until, to our astonishment, she was nothing to do with the market, her outfit was simply what she had decided to wear on that day!

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