Liesl’s update – 2008

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January came with the usual New Year’s resolutions! – more exercise, less food, less drink – learn new Spanish words each day!– keep up to date with the Blog! Well none of that happened, but at least we can try to bring the Blog up to date now!

BlueMoon had their quarterly director’s meeting in January and Rich Foster and Sean voted for the venue to be here in Gran Alacant (I wonder why? LOL). They arrived on the Friday afternoon and we made the mistake of going out to the Mexican restaurant across the road where they always finish off the meal by challenging you to have loads of tequila slammers! Needless to say, the planned meeting for the next day could not start until about 1.30pm as everyone felt so ill! Tequila was definitely a mistake the night before the 8 hour long meeting! I have to say I felt I needed to stay out of their way the next day to let them get on with the meeting so I “had” to stay in bed all day!

Our Spanish is improving albeit slowly. We met a couple Eve and Kris (Spanish girl married to English lad) and they have invited us to a few meals which were all in Spanish! One was a typical English Sunday lunch – even with the Yorkshire pudding! Eva wanted to introduce her Spanish friends to this English delicacy! When Eva’s parents came to stay they invited us to a BBQ one evening and we chatted away in Spanish! Our Spanish seemed to become better the more wine we drank…..I spotted Eva’s Mum looking at me sympathetically and saying to Eva “ Well at least she is trying…” When her parents had enough of the pigeon Spanish, they went to bed, and Kris and Eva dragged us out to a pub. When we go out with them we never get home before 2am and we always leave them partying! These young people have too much stamina!!!

We went back to England for the first time since we moved over here. We actually drove over as I had lots of files to take back to a customer and Richard had lots of computer equipment to bring back to Spain. The whole trip took 10 days – 3 days to drive there, 3 days to drive back leaving only a short time there. We stayed with Dave 3 nights and Chris and Linda for 1 night, and managed to fit in seeing practically everyone (no mean feat!) It snowed in England on the Sunday and when we got back home to Spain we couldn’t believe that the next Sunday we spent on the beach and I even got sunburnt!

I met my step-sister Synthia for the first time when she came over with her husband Scott to stay with Mum and Ken. We had a great night out and got on really well with them. I would really like to get to know her better – she is lovely! She bought me a lovely fashionable pair of sunglasses!

My belly dancing class was asked to do a couple of dances in the San Fulgencio theatre when they were playing “The Orient Express”. By the time the show had arrived, there were only 3 dancers left in the group – I think the other ladies were avoiding the class because of the show! Richard, Ken, Mum, Brian and Linda watched as the 4 of us girls went on in our red and black belly dancing outfits and “shook” our bits to the music. Unfortunately I have more bits than the others! After the show, there was a party backstage and then we decided to go off to a cave pub nearby.

We made a weekend of it and took Mum and Ken up to Finca Bonelli’s Eagle in the mountains behind Creveillente. They had been looking forward to their trip and were not disappointed with the food or accommodation.

Whilst my work has been reducing constantly, Richard’s has been increasing. Apart from building up the customer base over here in Spain, he has also spent 10 days in England doing some consultancy. Richard is considering expanding our business by teaching me all he knows about computers ……… I think that might take many years!!!! As my work slows down, I will have the chance to figure out what I want to do next – although Rich says that being a lady of leisure is NOT an option LOL

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