7/12 – No International Club and a trip to Alicante

December 7, 2006 | No comments | Blog

Had to ring John and Maurine this evening as a certain person is still feeling a little ‘delicate’ – he he, poor thing.

They were very understanding, having seen Liesl the previous evening and promised to book us tickets for the Christmas dinner as they would be going to that as well.

I decided to ‘pop’ into Alicante to buy some stickers for the back of Liesl’s cards so that we can print something like ‘hand made by Liesl’, well it was an absolute nightmare!

After the hour drive to Alicante, it’s usually about 15 mins, I found PC City.

Nope, the smallest labels they had were far too big – ok I thought, lets try El Corte Ingles as they say in Spain that if you can’t find it in there then you can’t find it anywhere. By the time that I had made my way through the traffic and found the car park underneath El Corte Ingles, another hour had passed!

Ok, given that we had shopped here before this should be pretty easy, I thought, they have a large ‘paperia’ so I made my way there. On the way I received a call from Trisha (we met Trisha and Gerry at the newcomers club on Saturday), inviting us out for a drink on Friday – must remember to add that to our calendar – social life seems to be picking up

Nope, don’t sell them here – if you want to print onto a blank tea shirt then we can sell you a kit to do that – but ‘no tengo etiquetas’ (I don’t have labels), ho hum. The assistant was helpful though, she suggested that I try the ‘informática’ on the fifth floor of the ‘other’ El Corte Ingles shop about 5 minutes walk down the road.

Fount it!

Yep, they had labels, but again they were larger than I wanted, however with the words “if you can’t get it in El Corte Ingles then you can’t get it anywhere” ringing in my ears I decided to buy them, if I don’t get these now then I will never find any I thought to myself.

At last, now I just had to fight my way back to the car park – I had been shopping for a further 30 minutes so far.

On my walk back I passed a third El Corte Ingles, 30 yards from the first one that I had gone into, that seemed to specialise in computer equipment so I popped in there – just to have a look – yep, you guessed it, they had exactly what I was looking for!

Now, how to approach the delicate negotiations, in Spanish, of “can I swap this for this please guv?”

Thankfully the assistant was very accommodating to my appalling attempt “Yo compro a que en el otro El Corte Ingles, pero no es bien. Es posible con….eerrrm swap?”

Believe me, you don’t need to translate it to figure out that the assistant too great pity on me by saying “Si, no problema Señor”, it would have been just as easy for him to say “que?”

Right, mission accomplished, it’s only taken a little over 3 hours so far! I made my way for the car and got home finally at around 9:30, having spent the sum total of around 11 euros on the labels and probably about 20 euro’s on petrol – lol, at least it was warm enough to have the roof down on the way home – life’s still good.

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