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Blimey, it’s been a manic few weeks, work has been very very busy and the social life has been pretty busy too as you will see from this post. We have just been too busy even to post on the blog to keep you up to date!

24/3 – A Saturday and the date of the first urbanisation meeting that we can actually attend. Every 6 months or so the “community” in which we are members, basically our estate, all get together to shout at each other in very loud Spanish. The idea is sound, everyone gets in a room and discusses their issues and the community as a whole (well those that are there anyway) vote to approve or deny various things. The meeting is chaired by the committee that we have all voted in. In reality the English and non-Spanish speaking are told to sit on one place (so that the translator can try to translate to them), the Spanish sit in another area and generally the meeting goes something like this….

1. Agenda point 1 is raised by the committee.

2. Someone (or everyone) in the Spanish area shout every loudly about something, they get up and wave their arms around and shout some more.

3. Some type of agreement is reached, generally with some more shouting and waving of hands.

4. The translator tells the non-Spanish speakers what has happened and what agreement has been made (lol, so much for having a ‘voice’!)

Anyway, this day is when the manic part of our past few weeks started, my business partner, Richard and his girlfriend, Caz were visiting us on the same day so we knew things were going to be tight on time but we thought that we would have enough time to go to the meeting and then rush to the airport to collect them. This was all fine until the night before the meeting I received a call from a customer asking me to visit them on Saturday morning – not being in a position to turn away work I agreed, so then Liesl had to find her own way to the meeting, I had to go to the customer and we hoped still to be able to meet Richard & Caz at the airport.

Well the Saturday didn’t start well for me, it took me 45 minutes to find my customer’s address, I asked about 10 people, greeting them all with a happy “Buenos Dias” followed by a request in Spanish for them to help me find the address, all of them replied with “wot, sorry m8, I’m not Spanish”, finally I decided to ring my client (after being 15 minutes late at this point) only to find out that I had no credit left on my mobile – nightmare!

I found a shop and bought 15€ of credit and because I was out of mobile area the credit wouldn’t go on the phone, I therefore had to drive about 2 miles to get the credit to work, when i looked at the phone I noticed that I had a missed call from my client asking where I was! I was now 30 minutes late!

I finally managed to speak to my customer and he gave me directions to his place (totally different area to where I was asking for directions!) and I finally arrived 45 minutes late, he was very pleasant about it – people are so laid back here.

As I had started late at his house I was late finishing and had to drive like a maniac back to where Liesl was at the community meeting, I was hoping to be able to collect her and go straight to the airport, but in typical Spanish style, the meeting had only just got past point number 1 on the agenda!

I had to therefore go off to the airport on my own, leaving Liesl with what looked like blood seeping from her ears – poor thing, she said that at one point she was sure that a fist fight was going to start!

I collected Rich & Caz and got back to pick Liesl up, the meeting was far from over and I believe that she had voted about 6 times already (the first vote being to decide whether a member of the audience would be allowed to record the proceedings or not!), anyway, she had had enough (poor thing) so we decided to leave them to it.

That weekend we had a great time with Rich & Caz eating and drinking far too much, they seemed to enjoy themselves and they returned to the UK on the Tuesday evening.

Both Liesl and I were very busy with work on Wednesday and Thursday and didn’t go out in the evenings, on Friday we had a friend over for drinks – Janice, she is an estate agent and fluent Spanish speaker, she has really helped me out when I had issues with Telefonica.

On Saturday I had promised to help Ken lay some gravel around his house, but again, circumstances conspired against us and a customer rang with an urgent problem that meant I had to go into Alicante late on Friday to collect a new printer and then go into Guardarmar on Saturday morning to set it up for them, making me about 1.5 hours late for Ken – I felt bad not being able to get to him on time because he had already started on his own but I have to take the work when I can get it.

On Saturday afternoon we went to look at a house we had previously visited with a view to buying it, the place is lovely, however its over our budget and we would really have to stretch to get it – don’t know what we will do yet. In the evening we went out to a pub with Ken and Heather, there was a live band playing, it was a nice night out.

On the Sunday we met up with friends Bob and Jackie who are currently over from the UK, they have a place about 40 minutes drive from us, we spent the afternoon with them and in the evening we took them to our Spanish evening and had a great time.

And that pretty much brings us up to date, last night (4th April) we went to Henta Hista Alegre (a restaurant in Santa Pola that hosts a charity dinner dance on the first Wednesday of every month), there were about 150 people there, we had a 5 course meal with as much wine as you can drink, all for 12€ each – and they still manage to make a tidy profit to give to their cancer charity – we were there with Ken, Heather, Jackie and Paul (our friends from La Marina), Brian and Lynn (neighbours and friends of Ken and Heather).

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  • rfoster says:

    We both had a really fantastic time, thank you both! You have a lovely new home and would certainly swap you for that sea view in a morning, despite the cheap wine (which was actaully really nice!) :->

    Apologies for my little deposit in your sink 😉

    See you out there again soon hopefully!

    Reply April 5, 2007 8:24 am

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