5/12 – My Very Own Magazine Column!

December 6, 2006 | No comments | Blog

Went to visit some friends yesterday, Paul and Jackie, Paul has a pool cleaning business www.pjs-pools.com – they told us that they are off to Australia in a few weeks on a well deserved holiday – lucky buggers!

We sat and chatted on their terrace for a couple of hours and when we left Jackie gave us a bag full of oranges and lemons from the trees that she has been growing in their front garden – sometimes its easy to forget that its common for people to have little fruit trees growing in their gardens, amazing really, she said that she has has so much fruit from them that even though she has given away as much as she can, she is still having to throw fruit away – in total I think that she has 5 trees, each only about 5 ft tall – just amazing!

Met with Dave today from “the” local English speaking magazine “Jungle Drums” – http://www.thejungledrums.com/, he has asked me to write a monthly column to be published, if it’s any good, in the magazine – quite excited about this but I have no idea what to write about; somehow I think that detailed technical information about the intricacies of how” Transmission Control Protocol” works is not what he is looking for – all suggestions gratefully appreciated!

There is always the opportunity to get more interest in BlueMoon Soluciones through the article – work, work, work eh!

On the plus side, I get to advertise in the magazine at a reduced rate and he has even invited us along to the magazine Christmas party on the 20th December – a meal in a ‘very’ Spanish restaurant – wonder whether now would be the time to ask whether they have any Marmite? 😉

At least it will be another social event and chance to meet people.

We are going out tonight to a dinner / dance in Santa Pola (the nearest town) with Liesl’s mum and Ken – it should be a good night and another opportunity to meet new people.

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