3/2 – Good Food, Good Company, Great Night!

February 3, 2007 | No comments | Blog
Last night we visited Pam and Dave’s place in San Miguel for a meal, Liesl’s migraine had thankfully subsided so we set off on the journey, it took us about an hour to get there and was dark when we arrived.
I had agreed to drive so that she could have a drink (and so that we could actually find our way home again afterwards!) – sorry Liesl!

Pam had cooked a lovely meal of chicken breasts in herbs, roast tatties, veg and a really nice Yorkshire pudding, she was clearly quite nervous about cooking, but really she had no need to be nervous at all, the meal was fantastic, we both really enjoyed it – it was nice to have some home cooked English grub for a change!

After the meal we sat and chatted about old times, remembering parties at our houses in the UK, friends (Dave, “the boys”) and discussing places to visit in and around Spain, we agreed that we would accompany them on some of their walks, one in particular sounded great, a really long “board walk” in the Torrevieja area – Pam was even kind enough to invite us to stay over one weekend with Hetty so that we could do the walk and enjoy the evening without the drive back – lol, not sure whether the offer would still stand after having put up with us all evening!

Pam also mentioned a couple that they spent a lot of time with in Spain – “Gwen & Tony”; Liesl and I looked at each other as we recognised the names from somewhere, then we remembered that our friends from the UK Bob & Jackie, who also have a place in Torrevieja, keep mentioning their good friends from Spain called “Tony and Gwen”. It would not be unusual, given the rate with which these things tend to occur over here, if they were the same people – must make a note to ask Bob where their friends live!

We ended the evening with Pam and Dave agreeing to visit us in 2 weeks time for a meal – I had better get tidying!

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