31/12 – Sun, Mountains, Snow and Jungles!

December 31, 2006 | No comments | Blog

It’s the last day of the year and it’s a real scorcher, well in the 30’s – nightmare eh?

The Jungle Drums magazine came out yesterday so we grabbed a copy, the article that I wrote looks great and the advert also looks good so hopefully someone will be impressed enough to ring and ask for some help!

Yesterday we also drove inland a little, to ‘Onil’ and ‘Castalla’ (the red circle on the map) to have a look at the prices around there for both rental of business premises and for house prices, the place was quite Spanish and certainly it would drop us in the deep end with our language skills – Liesl thinks that we should improve our Spanish dramatically before we even think about moving somewhere like that – I on the other hand think that we should just go for it, I’m sure that Liesl’s more sensible approach will be the way that we go.

The price of a small 3 or 4 bedroomed place around ‘Onil’ with about 4000m2 of land worked out to be around 150,000€ (around £100,000), so its much cheaper than here on the coast where the same property with much less land would be around 3 times the price! It was a nice drive, about an hour, which took us up into and beyond the mountains, roof down, and sunny but with snow on the ground as we got into the mountains – extremely beautiful and stunning landscape; I wish I had taken my camera so that I could have showed you.

We are going to a street party tonight with Gerry and Trisha (and their family) who have arrive for Hogmanay, there was also mention of kilts – so look out for the pictures – hehe.

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