23/1 – “Real Mans Work”

January 24, 2007 | No comments | Blog

My father has always ‘ribbed’ me that I have never done a “real mans job” as I tend to “play” with computers, it’s something that has always managed to wind me up, but I guess I have usually managed to retort with something as equally insensitive so I guess we are equal.

Well today my father can eat his words as I did a “real mans job”

Ken, my father in law, asked me to help him with some minor building work that he wanted to do, basically breaking up some concrete at the front of his house and extending a water pipe to make an outside tap and then re-cementing it all in afterwards. Now I am sure that my father, the builder, would laugh at this being described as “building work” and would say something like “it’s a 2 minute job”, but never the less, it involved me expending physical effort on something that was neither a mouse nor a keyboard, therefore in my book it constitutes “building work”.

As it happened I really enjoyed it, I came home after the day sore and aching – it’s the only exercise that my body has experienced in many a month (or year I hear you shout – thanks!), but it felt good to have achieved something and even better to have helped out, in at least a little way, my father in law, who incidentally is in his seventies and still much more capable than I think that I will ever be with a shovel!

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