20/2 – Catch up!

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It’s been over a week since I last “blogged”, and much has happened, although work has been quite busy so I have not had the time to get up to date, but I have a few spare moments, so here goes….

A week, last Friday we went out with friends Paul and Jackie, we met them when they had a cleaning business and used to clean our apartment for us and prepare it for new guests (when we were back in the UK and rented this place out). Paul and Jackie were great when we first arrived in Spain, like Bob and Jackie, they came to help us settle in and were really great friends. Well on the evening in question it was Paul’s birthday and they had invited us to go out with them for a meal, we went to a Hungarian restaurant, and it was a really posh place and currently Paul’s favourite restaurant. We had a fabulous meal and really enjoyed the company – as you can see from the picture!

After the meal, we went to Heather and Ken’s place to stay the night as they had, yet again, offered for us to use their spare room.

On Sunday we had a lazy day with Heather and Ken, we visited the market in La Marina, Liesl bought some more cookery books (we could open a cookery book library!) and went to look at some 4×4 cars that were for sale in the local garage, in the evening Liesl and I went to the Sunset Bar in Gran Alacant for our weekly Spanish conversation, however the Spanish had clearly heard that we were coming and the place was devoid of anyone except a poor German guy called Karsten, who is fluent in Spanish and actually teaches it at a local college, so we ended up abusing him all evening with our Spanish! Poor guy, bet he wont go back there again!

Monday and Tuesday were very busy for both Liesl and I at work, I had a number of jobs on and Liesl had month end to contend with, so we both put our noses against the grind stone and got on with it.

Wednesday was a little quieter for me, but Liesl still had her head inside Excel and Sage (her accounting programs), however she managed to find me a spreadsheet to update for her – nice eh?

Wednesday evening was Valentines night, I had booked tickets at raffles bar – http://www.raffles-alicante.com/, they were having a ‘tickets only’ evening with live music and a buffet. We had a great evening and Liesl even managed to get me up onto the dance floor – must have had too much vino tinto!

On Thursday, we had arranged to visit some properties about an hour inland; we were to meet the estate agent at a convenient petrol station close to the first property. Heather and Ken had said that they would like to come to see the houses so we went in their car (the only one with sufficient seats for the 4 of us!). The first house was in 16,000m2 of land (about 4 acres!), although that was all that was there, the house was about ready to fall down and it really did need to be torn down and another one built! The price was not that good – certainly not good enough for us to be able to afford to rebuild the house so we dismissed it.

The second house was in a much smaller plot, 2500m2, but still large enough for an orchard and perhaps a vegetable plot, the house itself was solid but it was a little smaller than we wanted, take a look at the pictures, it didn’t yet have electricity, but it was possible to connect it as the exchange was at the bottom of the road. The agent only had 2 houses for us to look at that day, so we returned home hoping to see many more places in the coming months!

On Thursday evening we had a “race night” booked at the InterClub, given my inherent knowledge of the sport of kings, a product of being dragged mercilessly around race tracks by my father (sorry Dad, I enjoyed it really!) from an early age, we decided that we had a good chance of winning some money, however our confidence took a knock when we saw toy a fabric race track, toy wooden horses and 2 dice being set up! Perhaps this could be more of a game of chance than we had originally thought! Never the less, we had a great time, we met a charming couple on our table, had a 4 course meal, complete with wine all evening for 10 euro’s each – not bad for a night out!

The end of the week ended up as manic as the start of the week, I ended up working most of Saturday as well – nightmare! Liesl spent most of Saturday night ‘home making’ and cleaning ready for the ‘inspection’ when Pam and Dave come for a meal on Friday.
On Sunday it was a fabulous day and we managed to get down onto the beach to walk Hetty and relax a little and in the evening Heather and Ken came to our place for a lovely home made cottage pie – I love the fact that Liesl is getting back into home cooking!

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