20/1 – friends reunited!

January 21, 2007 | No comments | Blog

Liesl suggested that we drive out and find Pam and Dave’s house and do a surprise visit on them (Pam and Dave are the couple that we met purely by chance at the Sunday market in San Miguel the previous week).

We used TomTom to get us to San Miguel and then stopped to have a look around the town and asked for final directions at a local pub, the people we asked were obviously English, so we asked in English whether they knew the address we were trying to find, they didn’t, but satisfied that we were clearly lost tourists with no Spanish ability at all they offered to help us speak to the “locals” and helpfully told us that we should “say donde es” to that bloke over there and point at the address. LOL, we thanked them and walked over to the waiter asking “Perdón señor, pero, donde esta aquí?”

It was naughty but felt nice to have a better grasp on the language than our fellow Brits abroad.

The waiter asked a Spanish local who proceeded to give us precise and extremely accurate, as it turned out, instructions on how to get to the address, the old boy even re-iterated them with pen and paper to help, all in Spanish and all perfectly understandable, we found Pam and Dave’s place first time, without trouble.

Their house is amazing!

Its 3 storeys high with a number of terraces, the terrace on the 1st floor has a hot tub! It has 3 bedrooms, garage and is in quite a bit of land, all new and looks lovely – then those of you that know Pam know how manic she is about cleaning – sorry Pam!

We had a great afternoon sitting on their front terrace chatting and catching up, it was a scorching hot day and Liesl and I even managed to catch the sun, perhaps its driving around all day with the hood down that did it!

In the evening we walked Hetty down to Dorothy’s place and helped her with a bottle of wine that she was struggling to drink – 😉

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