18/8 – Not planned – honest!

August 20, 2007 | No comments | Blog

Well, with Dave’s request for us not to plan anything ringing in my ears I gratefully accepted an invitation to a BBQ from our friends Paul and Jackie – well Dave loves a good BBQ anyway!

We had a fantastic time, all jumping in the pool within 30 minutes of arriving to play “pool volley ball” – hehe, fantastic and a great laugh, however someone needs to invent a way of getting the ball back after it gets punched outside the pool every 30 seconds – business opportunity there!

As you can see from the picture (click to enlarge if you need to) Liesl seems to have found something to do with the long tube like float – not sure what, but she certainly had a smile on her face for the rest of the day – strange.

After some serious messing around in the pool we sat down to have a lovely BBQ – chicken kebabs and lots more – jum!

Then we had a little drink – well a big one actually – thanks for driving Liesl 😉

Finally we finished the evening off by jumping back into the pool at about 10pm to cool off, first class!

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