18/5 – Marmite Sandwiches!!!!

May 18, 2007 | 1 comment | Blog

This evening Liesl and I went out for a walk, a usual nightly occurrence, whilst walking we talked about what we would have to eat when we got back, another regular topic of conversation, attested to by our “racing snake figures”.

I mentioned that I would really like some Marmite sandwiches – now this is a much more unusual comment that those of you that know we well might think. Back in the UK my staple diet consisted of at least 6 slices of white bread Marmite sandwiches – it would be a rare day that passed without this feast, I was so addicted to Marmite that I brought 4 extremely large pots of Marmite out with me to Spain and such was my infamy for the stuff that anyone that knows me well always asks whether they should bring Marmite out with them for me.

Well let me tell you……

I have hardly touched the stuff since I have been here – not even eaten one of the large tubs I brought out (which incidentally I would demolish in a month back in the UK!)

Anyway, I think that it was Marmite, or my over eating of the stuff, that caused the terrible acid reflux that I suffered back in the UK, I have not needed to take my tablets over here and I feel 100% better – amazing eh?

Anyway back to the story, I fancied some Marmite sandwiches, so Liesl agreed and we walked back past the local, very expensive, English supermarket, we bought the following…..

  • Brown Sliced English Bread (you just don’t get the stuff over here)
  • Cheese and Onion Crisps (Liesl’s favourite)
  • Twix (for me – couldn’t resist!)
  • Packet of Lemon Curd Tarts (Tarts, my favourite – hehe)

Total cost was around 5.50€ – a rip off really as the Spanish equivalent would cost us probably under half that, but then we were going to have a decedent night – lol, sad eh?
Anyway, let me tell you it was fantastic, Marmite sandwiches and lemon curt tarts have just never tasted so good!

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  • Alan Briscoe says:

    Mmmmmmmmm – Lemon curd.
    Odd up the pub now and guess what – it’s sunny!.

    Reply May 18, 2007 10:03 am

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