14/4 – Is The Sun Here To Stay????

April 24, 2007 | 1 comment | Blog

Well today we had a fantastic sunny day, and to be fair the weather has really picked up this week – even at night the tempreture has not dropped below about 20 degrees, so its nice and pleasent to go out even late at night and walk in shorts and a tee shirt (no Dave its not the alcohol that is keeping me warm, although I admit it may be helping – hehe).

This last week has been pretty busy for both Liesl and I work-wise, which is good, on Friday we went down to the Spanish bar to have our weekly Spanish evening, this week was particularly good and Isobel (the owner) has now started to regularly bring out plates of tapas for us to try, she was on good form that evening and we had a really nice night – Liesl’s Spanish is just getting better and better (I am typing this whilst listening to her have her Spanish lesson over the Internet with Claudio and she is miles better than me, I really should pull my finger out and start to study!).

On Saturday we spent the evening with our friends Paul and Jackie, they came to our place for a meal and a few drinks, a great night was had by all.

On Sunday afternoon we walked along the Los Arinales prominade with Liesl’s Mum, Ken and his brother (Adrian) and his wife (Margaret), we have spent some time with them over the past couple of weeks while they have been visiting Ken and Heather (they are over here looking for a place to buy), really nice people. Hetty was particularly happy that Adrian was here as he was test driving his scooter, so she decided that she was old enough to qualify for a ride (see if you can spot her in the picture!)

After the walk we all went for a meal at La Fantasia (a new resturant about 2 minutes walk from our apartment – good meal.

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    I can see the doggy – I can see the doggy – I can see the doggy.

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