13/1 – The Morning After (and another fiesta!)

January 16, 2007 | No comments | Blog

Someone, who will remain nameless, felt a little worse for wear this morning – I, of course, skipped out of bed and went for a walk – lol

We spent most of the day lazing around in the terrace at Heather and Ken’s place in La Marina, it was a really nice warm day and Heather couldn’t believe that on one side of the terrace (in the shade) it was 20 degrees while on the other side (the sunny side) it was 36 degrees – not bad for the 2nd Saturday in January?

In the evening we went, with Heather and Ken, to the grand opening of Raffles Piano Bar and Lounge – sounds very grand but it’s a really nice piano bar that has opened up across the road to our apartment, the owners, Pam and Dave are great people and have made us feel very welcomed, it was good to see them get their venture off the ground and nice to experience their opening night with them.

For part of the evening Dave had arranged for a professional singer friend of his (name escapes me) to come over from the UK to perform on the opening night, he did a number of songs and even walked amongst the customers, on one particular song, inviting them to join in. Yep you guessed it, on this song he thrust the microphone in front of me and I decided to give it a go – hehe, I did a fantastic job (if I say so myself) which was only marred, in my opinion, by Liesl saying that she couldn’t hear anything I was singing and perhaps the artist had turned off the microphone to save my embarrassment (or the audiences ears from bleeding!)

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