1/3 – Playing Truant

March 2, 2007 | No comments | Blog

Last night we were booked to attend a ‘murder mystery’ night at the InterClub, however as we were walking out of the door Liesl said “you know what I really fancy an Indian” so, taking this to mean a meal and not the guy that lives in the next block, we drove down to Safron’s Indian Resturant – http://www.saffron.biz – we had a great meal.
The owner and the waiter spotted us looking at this months Jungle Drums article and we ended up in conversation about it, they had both said that they had read it and had found it very interesting – its really good to hear that people enjoy it and find it useful!
After the meal we decided to pop into Raffles Bar – http://www.raffles-alicante.com – after we had dropped the car back home, for a quick glass of vino tinto.
We had a chat with the owners, also Pam and Dave (not to be confused with the friends we had around for a meal last Friday) and they introduced us to Anne and John who have recently opened a bodega (sort of Spanish off licence, but their main trade is selling wine straight from the barrel which is very common in Spain), its only a short walk (or stagger) away, so we stopped and had another drink and chatted to them.
Then Liesl’s Irish accent was picked up by a fellow countryman and that resulted in more glasses of wine and conversation, then finally we bumped into, at the bar, a couple that we had met last November in Cocoas Bar whilst they were out on holiday – they had recently taken possession of their new villa, it was great to catch up with them, they were over again for the week to complete some paperwork, so as you can guess that lead to more drinks and conversation!
By the end of the evening we were well and truly ‘oiled’ so we staggered home to bed – great night out!

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