12/1 – Night Out!

January 16, 2007 | No comments | Blog

Went out this evening with Gina and David – www.onthemovesl.com – David was the guy that moved us from the UK over to here. Heather (Liesl’s mum) and Ken were good enough to offer to look after Hetty for the evening and let us ‘crash’ over at their house as they happen to live in the same town as Gina and David.

As you can expect we had a totally alcohol free night 😉

We went to a local bar “the palms” and sat in the outside area (which was closed in with plastic gazebo type walls), we had the patio heater on and it was perfectly warm – nice and toasty (sure it was the heater and not the alcohol anyway!)

We then went on to another bar and finished the night in the early hours of the morning when we staggered back to Heather and Ken’s, hopefully not disturbing them too much as we “crept” in – I’m sure that we sounded, and looked, like a herd or marauding elephants!

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